Ask NayBesa

In my personal life I’m a lot of the time the person that my friends come to for advice on relationships, family problems, haters that they have to deal with and other things like that, however now I’m bringing my advice nationwide. If you haven’t noticed I have something to say about everything, lets be real if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a gossip blog now would I; so what does that mean, it means that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you out with your personal problems, dilemmas, things that you don’t understand to a point where all you can do is scratch your head, and relationship issues that you just cant get the advice that you need from friends and family. Think of me as your personal therapist that’s free of charge. Your questions will be posted on this page so check back to see if they have been answered [however I might also just email you when I answer it] to ask me a question e-mail me at or just post your question/dilemma here. Hope to hear from you soon xoxo 🙂


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