Rihanna Interveiws With Alan Carr Chatty Man

Thank you Rihanna for conforming me getting my nipples pierced I wasn’t sure before but now its a must do LOL

check out Rihanna performing Rude Boy [FYI its not her best performance ever]

PS: if yall didnt know before this girl was clearly never a good girl #ImJustSaying



Fantasia Interviews With Oprah

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I havent changed I’ve grown

Fantasia Barrino hits up Oprah and gives everyone a few life lessons when it comes to money whether she meant to or not. The fact that she has 6 people living in her house and none of them are working or doing anything to pay the bills would drive anyone crazy. I dont blame her for wanting to do this show so that people could see themselves for who they really are, because it seems like on top of them not appreciating all that she does for them they had began to get to a point where they just expected for her to just give into their every want and need. And that’s not cool. Continue reading

Trey Songz Covers Honey Magazine

Why do women love you?
I’m a lovable guy. You don’t think so? I’m confident. That exudes. Women like men who are confident. I’m humble and I was raised by women so I know what women like.

Confident yet humble?
Yes. Can you not be confident and humble at the same time?

Yes, but not arrogant. You don’t think you have any arrogance about you?
Most definitely. There has to be a sense of arrogance.

So you have a sense of arrogance, but are also very humble?
Yeah, well it exudes. I think that people see that.

The humility or the arrogance?
I think they see the humble as well. My fans see that.

Well, you definitely seem very confident in the “I Invented Sex” video…
I did a write up about it on my blog that explains where I got the concept. There’s a banned Calvin Klein commercial with a man with two women — a little more risqué, a little more raunchy — and there’s also an Eva Mendes Calvin Klein commercial; I kind of brought the two together. I knew Drake wasn’t going to be on this version, so I took that time to get sensual, to talk to the woman and make a new conversation piece. From here on out, with videos, with song structure, with everything — I’m trying to make it more like an event, more so than a motion, because everything in the music business usually moves clockwork. You got to do this, this way; this should be done, this way. I’m trying to think outside of the box with everything I do and make sure things are done in an innovative way that makes people look like ‘Ohhh… that’s different.’ Continue reading