Ciara “I’m Up In The Bank”

No comment on the song lets just stick to the facts this song is sheeit, Miss Ciara decides to let her haters know that they can hate all they want but she still got money in the bank:

Whatever you made on your job last year, multiply that by 10 and I’mma spend that tomorrow, See I try to be humble but they be hating on the sly, hating on I and they don’t even know why. So What you doing looks so lame, Writing on them blogs, I’m in the bank…and don’t really care about what the hell you think

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♫Game ft. Ray J: “P*ssy Fight”

So aside from this being one of the nastiest songs I have heard in HELLA The Game and Ray J are calling people out. SMH you got the Game talking ish about Nelly Nick Cannon and 50 Cent [btw if you ask me 50 looks like one that can do some real damage] all up in the corus why he felt it was ok to talk about how Nelly Nick and 50 dont know how to eat p*ssy as if he knows first hand I will never know *shrug*. And then you got Ray J talking about Kim and Reggy Bush:

“…Who you think they got all think got all these girls talkin’ ’bout Kim for? And I know she wit’ Reggie Bush, but that was Ray J bush. She use to blow it, use to blow it like ____ Kush.” Boy…you forgot that we saw the tape and I dunno what YOU ladies thought but I thought that dome was a bit lackluster (or maybe a lil’ too dry?). That’s just me though…”

Now why Ray J decided to go there when he just had a For The Love Of Ray J2 I will never care he CLEARLY still misses the way her cha cha taste [YA I SAID IT]