Trey Songz “Neighbors Know My Name” (VIDEO)

“Sometimes she call me Trigga cause I make her body bust”

Good lawd!!! o_O Trey Songz and Victoria’s Secret model Jessica White do the damn thang in his new video “Neighbors Know My Name“. I must say the video may not scream porno like his “Invented Sex” video however that red lighting gives a sex appeal that will make anyone run to the store buy a red light bulb to get that same affect well at least try…..



Chris Brown “Whose Girl Is That” (Video)

The Chirs BrownWhose Girl Is That” video has hit the web… Well kinda LOL this video was taped back when he was only 13 or 14 years old. Crazy right?? My only thing is that if he was making music back then why the hell didnt we hear it?? Never the less as cute as the video is Chris Brown is very embarrassed about it and claims he couldn’t dance in the video.

PS: am i the only one that seen that tatt on his arm???


Whitney Houston Fans Walk Out Of Concert

I know Im wrong for this pic yall don’t have to say it LOL

Let me find out that Whitney needs to take another brake if not give it up all the way. I’m telling yall those drugs must have fu*ked her up for life cause it seems to be really hard for her to make a real come back. On Monday Ms Houston had a concert in Australia and lets just say it was very below satisfactory because her fans walked out on her mid concert.

According to, Whitney  only sang two songs before she exited the stage to take a break. She appeared out of breath, coughed through songs and when she returned to sing through six more numbers, she handed the microphone over to her brother Gary to sing.

“She was not fit to perform. She seemed to be on another planet, and the concert was laughable. When the back up singer’s performance is the stand out for the night you know something is wrong,” said a concert goer.

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All White Sorority Wins The 2010 Sprite Step Off

At this years Sprite Step Off an all White Sorority by the name of Zeta Tau Alpha took the 100k prize. But can you really be mad??? If you compare the stepping that the winners did and the stepping that others did in the show its not wonder that they won. When you do these shows the auditions and judges arent looking for 3mins of voice overs and 6mins of stepping they want you to get right to it and thats just what these ladies did. Continue reading