Is T.I’s Akoo’s Ad Selling More Then Just Jeans??

Well according to some people that live in Newark it does. Via :

Is the young, seductive woman about to have oral sex with the young man 30 feet above a major intersection of the state’s largest city? Or have they just finished?

Stand at the heart of the central business district, and look up. If you don’t want to crane your neck, walk back toward University Avenue, then turn around. The billboard dwarfs everything. At night it’s lit up and looks even — well, you can’t miss it.

This billboard was meant to sell AKOO jeans, a clothing line by popular rapper T.I. . . . but who can think of jeans when so much is going on?

Let’s see. Her head is just under his crotch. The belt of the jeans is open. Her right hand is between his legs, reaching upward and grabbing on the back of his pants to expose part of his underwear. Her left hand, not far from her face, tugs on his front pocket. Now look even closer. His hand — what! — is over the back of her head. Get the picture now? Does that say JEANS? Continue reading


We are the world 25

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The simple fact that Jamie Fox wont let Ray Charles rest in peace and tried to bring him back in this ”remake” of “we are the world” should be enough to let you know that they was doing the most with this song. If you ask me Michael Jackson is turning in his grave right now. They know they was wrong, there’s so much wrong in this remake that I dont even know where to start. Yes the song goes with the theme of help Haiti but damn did they have to rewrite the song. SMH they at least could have just left the song the way that it was. And to add auto tune *shakes head*….. I’m sorry but umm…. why was Lil WayneT-Pain, and OMG LL Cool J all doing in there. Like I said so much is wrong with this remake that I dont even know where to start.


Danger Truly Is Psycho

On the first seasson of For The Love Of Ray J Danger was my fav, i thought she was so pretty, and that she was just very misunderstood, along with very stressed out. But after seeing this mess it’s officale this bish is crazy. Its about time that she gets put in the same category as Tila Tequila cause this dont make no damn since. After an event for Haiti Poprah from I Want to Work for Diddy decided to give Danger a chance to clear her name from all of the roamers that have been surfing the web. But instead of clearing her name this bish decided to… man I dont know what to call it you just have to watch the video.

big thanks to Domo for the video link


Mariah Carey Is Drunk While Accepting An Award

HOT MESS! Last night at the Film Festival, Mariah Carey was accepting an award for roll in Precious and at first site you would think this bish was off some supper glue SMH. Mimi was drunker then your Uncle Bill at a family reunion. Personally I dont understand why someone would get so damn drunk at an awards show knowing DAMN WELL that they are going to go up on stage SMH. Your thoughts????

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Tila Tequila’s Pregnant?!?

Now that you have read Tila Tequila’s big announcement Tweet I would like for you all to remember that this is the SAME bish that, claims her NFL boyfriend whooped her ass, the same bish that said Rihanna had herpes and other STDs, the same bish that said God wanted her up in heaven, and my most fav the same bish that was on Ustream with a tampon up ur NA NA and butt naked so everyone saw the string, and all this ish was on TWITTER. So with her having this announcement I’m going to need her to hit up a Doctor before I believe this shit.

P.S. why the hell would anyone with common since REALLY want to carry their BROTHERS baby EEEEWWWW.

Men’s Birth Control Is Here [and i dont mean condoms]

You know I’m happy that my home town Seattle is getting its name out there, but because of men’s Birth Control really Seattle we can do a lot better than a damn Birth Control for men SMH. I mean I understand that people are bored but can we please spend our time on a damn cure for Herpes or something sheesh. Along with the simple fact that Birth Control is really based for women so in reality I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY dout that you will really see men lined up at Plan ParentHood for some damn Birth Control. Men have a hard enough time keeping up with condoms let’s not have to put Birth Control on them too. I mean really ladies can you really see yourself going up so a guy that your seeing and saying “are you on the pill too???” I hope not SMH, here is what MSNBC has to say about the men’s contraceptive:

For the first time, a safe, effective and reversible hormonal male contraceptive appears to be within reach. Several formulations are expected to become commercially available within the near future. Men may soon have the options of a daily pill to be taken orally, a patch or gel to be applied to the skin, an injection given every three months or an implant placed under the skin every 12 months, according to Seattle researchers.