Keri Hilson Rocks New Hair To NAACP

Dont get me wrong the new hair [well weave, or wig] is cute but i still love her in short hair more. However I’m not happy about her make-up artist letting her walk the NAACP red carpet with that eye shadow. SMH they know they wrong:

Keri Hilson is back in black. Miss Keri Baby shows off her new black hairstyle in a flowing black gown on the red carpet at the 41st annual NAACP Image Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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Elementary teacher killed at Tacoma, Washington school

Elementary teacher killed at Tacoma, Washington school

WTF Tacoma I’m going to need yall to stop acting a damn fool:

TACOMA – A special education teacher was shot to death at a Tacoma, Wash., elementary school and police fatally shot the suspect, according to media reports.

The Tacoma School District confirmed that a teacher from Birney Elementary School had been killed, but did not identify the victim.

The 7:35 a.m. shooting happened before the start of the school day, when very few students would have been there, witnesses told in Seattle

Police spokesman Mark Fulghum told The News Tribune of Tacoma that the suspect and the victim had known each other.

The suspect, who fled the scene, was fatally shot by police a few blocks away from the school, reported.



Sprite Responds to the Step Off in Atlanta

You gotta be sh*tting me , so let me find out that some people just wont let it go that they got beat by some White girls with rhythm. You might remember the post that i did HERE about the all White Sorority winning at the Sprite Step Off. Well it turns out that people have been holding a big grudge about these ladies winning to a point where Sprite has made the choice the change the winning placements… Yall know I’m mad right??:

The Sprite Step Off was initially created as a way to recognize talented college students and give out scholarships to help support their higher education. If we put on some entertaining step shows and brought people together along the way, all the better.

After the National Finals Competition this past weekend in Atlanta wrapped, we got together to do our post-competition review and found a scoring discrepancy in the sorority results. After looking at it and looking at it AGAIN, we determined there isn’t a definitive resolution. Continue reading

Shaniya Davis’ Mother Antoinette Nicole Davis Released on Bond

What kinda sick judge…SMH Im going to need them to stop letting people off so damn easy:

The Fayetteville woman accused of prostituting her 5-year-old daughter, who was then killed, has been released on bond, authorities said Wednesday.

Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, was released Sunday from North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women, where she was held in a safe-keeping cell, on a $51,000 bond. Cumberland County deputies then returned her to Fayetteville, authorities said. Continue reading

Delaware Pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley Molests Over 100 Children

I’m going to have to side with on this topic. I dont understand how this man was in the room ALONE with these little kids. Hell when I was like 7 my mom tried to bring me a male doctor to look at a rash that was between my thighs and i wasnt having it. I told her no and i want a female doctor because i wasnt confortable with him looking down there. Hell to this DAY i dont let that same male doctors below the belt. My mom didnt stay outside in the waiting room until i was like 13 and even after that i would still bring her with me. So i dont understand how these partents would leave this man alone with their childeran never the less these kids not say anything. to me when kids dont say stuff it sometimes makes me wonder what they feel is normal and what they feel is not normal. but thats just me… Continue reading