Ciara “I’m Up In The Bank”

No comment on the song lets just stick to the facts this song is sheeit, Miss Ciara decides to let her haters know that they can hate all they want but she still got money in the bank:

Whatever you made on your job last year, multiply that by 10 and I’mma spend that tomorrow, See I try to be humble but they be hating on the sly, hating on I and they don’t even know why. So What you doing looks so lame, Writing on them blogs, I’m in the bank…and don’t really care about what the hell you think

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Did Ciara Jack Pussycat Doll Melody’s Pose??

As sad as this may seem, someone seems to be a wee bit peeved. According to Pussycat Doll’s Melody Thornton [who’s working on her own solo debut] is claiming that in Ciara’s recent photo shoot, she’s getting jacked for her swag [check out the photo shoot here]. Turns out that Ciara did a pose very close so Melody’s way back when she shot  for “Doll Domination”

Here are her tweets [i swear twitter was made for celeb beef and putting people on blast] and tweetphoto’s [witch are the pics above] that she used to compare.

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11


Ciara Does L’Officiel Magazine

Ciara looks hot in her new L’Officiel Magazine shoot, WOOT WOOT you go bish….. however if i see ONE more person doing a Barbie like shoot and Nicki Minaj is not in the picture we are going to have a problem.

P.S: ladies if you haven’t figured out that big ass rings are the new big deal for the year, I’m going to need for you to come into reality one time, just one. 🙂

Lloyd Explains Comments On Ciara In Hip Hop Weekly

Lloyd takes the time to set the record straight on the comments he made about Ciara in the latest edition of Hip Hop Weekly. In the interview he says he doesn’t “fuck with Hollywood bitched” and that money has changed Ciara. Recently he took to his blog to get a few things off his chest about what was said:

Let’s set the record straight on my “Hollywood B*tches” comment in Hip Hop Weekly. I said what I said and I stand by it. But read exactly what I said, then judge me. The truth is, I don’t f*ck with Hollywood B*tches (or Hollywood Ni**as for that matter). No, I’m not calling Ciara a b*tch, I’m saying that I think celebrity status changed her for the worse, and because of that, we don’t get down anymore.

Yesterday I spoke to CiCi for the first time in years. I called her to explain my comments and to let her know how I felt about the situation. We had a good one-on-one conversation that will remain between us. I respect and I love CiCi like family, but sometimes family are the only ones that will tell you the truth. I’m sure I could have found a better way to tell her, but what’s done is done. We’re moving on.

The funny thing is, this Ciara question was the last question in the HHW interview. At first, I lied and made up some answer to make it seem like we were still cool. But when I hung up the phone, I felt like I shoulda just kept it real, so I called back and answered the question honestly. Maybe a little too honestly. But fair is fair, if I start acting Hollywood, someone that knew me before the fame should call me out too. I wish CiCi the best.


Lloyd thinks Ciara is a “Hollywood B*tch”

R&B singer Lloyd has stepped out on Murder Inc recently but that hasn’t stopped him from throwing shade on fellow Atlien Ciara. According to a recent interview in Hip Hop Weekly, he and Ciara were high school friends but are no longer in contact because he feels she has changed:

“I don’t f**k with Hollywood b**ches and she’s like one of the chicks that’s just changed along the way with the fame and the money and all of that. I don’t really get down with her anymore on some real s**t. The truth hurts, but it will set you free. But I wish her all the best.”



Let me find out that Ciara told Llyod to stand behind the red tape one too many times and now he’s pissed. It seems to me someone got their feelings hurt somewhere down the line. But you gotta love a guy that’s willing to keep it real. What’s the point in sugar coating anything but cookies and cakes, I mean really its not fun.

Sneak Peak At The Movie “Mama I Want To Sing”

hhmmm in theatres 2008 huh?? ish hasnt even come out yet HOT MESS!!

Ciara, Lynn Whitfield & Hill Harper are all going to be staring in the movie “Mama I Want To Sing”  [click HERE for sneak peak video]to tell the truth the movie looks like its going to be pretty good, not grate like a movie that we aren’t going to mention the name of [cough] [cough] “Precious” click here for the link [clears throat] because that would be just rude now wouldn’t it. But I guess I could let someone take me on a date so see if, cause I for one am not paying to see it, but that’s just me.