New Music: Mile J ft. Future – ‘FreakNic’


Aside from the fact that my normal is down for a little bit, the gossip news and new music that has been going around just isn’t exciting to me anymore. Or at least not lately, sometimes you just have to worry about yourself.

Anywhoots! I’m trying to find some good music to share with you all, however nothing has been really tickling my earlobes with the sounds of greatness. While on Rap-Up I found this new little diddy by Mila J featuring Future entitled ‘FreakNic,’ it’s not my favorite car bumper but it will do for now. In my personal opinion they both have better music than this.

Check out the song and e-mail me if you have any suggestions of greatness!


Lil Wayne Get’s Another Brake #LilWaynesNextExcuse

All this fuckery is making my head spin:

SMH someone is stalling if you ask my but He’ll be back at the courthouse tomorrow. Via Rap Radar

#LilWaynesNextExcuse <<<—- lmfaoooo that’s funny 🙂 you gotta love twitter

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Chile Earthquake Shifted The Earths Axis

So I’m a little bit worried and I feel that yall should be too. According to that Chile earthquake did more then just shake up Chile it shook up the world, they are saying that the quake may have shortened the days we have left on earth:

The massive 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile may have changed the entire Earth’s rotation and shortened the length of days on our planet, a NASA scientist said Monday.

“Perhaps more impressive is how much the quake shifted Earth’s axis,” NASA officials said in a Monday update.

The computer model used by Gross and his colleagues to determine the effects of the Chile earthquake effect also found that it should have moved Earth’s figure axis by about 3 inches (8 cm or 27 milliarcseconds). READ MORE….

Is T.I’s Akoo’s Ad Selling More Then Just Jeans??

Well according to some people that live in Newark it does. Via :

Is the young, seductive woman about to have oral sex with the young man 30 feet above a major intersection of the state’s largest city? Or have they just finished?

Stand at the heart of the central business district, and look up. If you don’t want to crane your neck, walk back toward University Avenue, then turn around. The billboard dwarfs everything. At night it’s lit up and looks even — well, you can’t miss it.

This billboard was meant to sell AKOO jeans, a clothing line by popular rapper T.I. . . . but who can think of jeans when so much is going on?

Let’s see. Her head is just under his crotch. The belt of the jeans is open. Her right hand is between his legs, reaching upward and grabbing on the back of his pants to expose part of his underwear. Her left hand, not far from her face, tugs on his front pocket. Now look even closer. His hand — what! — is over the back of her head. Get the picture now? Does that say JEANS? Continue reading

Trey Songz “Neighbors Know My Name” (VIDEO)

“Sometimes she call me Trigga cause I make her body bust”

Good lawd!!! o_O Trey Songz and Victoria’s Secret model Jessica White do the damn thang in his new video “Neighbors Know My Name“. I must say the video may not scream porno like his “Invented Sex” video however that red lighting gives a sex appeal that will make anyone run to the store buy a red light bulb to get that same affect well at least try…..


Lil Wayne’s Finally Goodbye Party

I thought he was getting those things out his teeth???

Awww it’s that time of the month [and i dont mean the one for us ladies]

Lil Wayne holds up a cake with the message “Keep Your Head Up Weezy, We Love You”  while partying last night at LIV in Miami.  This was his final party before he turns himself in at Rikers tomorrow morning.

Also spotted in the building were Birdman, Shanell, Amber Rose, Bryant McKinnie, Bow Wow, Jermaine O’Neal, Willie McGahee and more



Ciara “I’m Up In The Bank”

No comment on the song lets just stick to the facts this song is sheeit, Miss Ciara decides to let her haters know that they can hate all they want but she still got money in the bank:

Whatever you made on your job last year, multiply that by 10 and I’mma spend that tomorrow, See I try to be humble but they be hating on the sly, hating on I and they don’t even know why. So What you doing looks so lame, Writing on them blogs, I’m in the bank…and don’t really care about what the hell you think

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